About Me


Hello and Welcome!

I am a paper cut artist and designer, early morning riser, devoted chai drinker, wife and mumma to one tiny human, currently living in Fremantle, Western Australia.

I have always dabbled in the arts since I was a little girl. Drawing, painting and making was a favourite pastime of mine. I learnt many skills at the art classes I signed myself up for after school and on weekends; paper making, wire work, pottery etc.

I have enjoyed exploring my creative side ever since I can remember and with a background in Early Childhood Education I naturally intertwined the arts into my classroom.

How I got started

My career as a paper cut artist began whilst I was teaching Pre-Primary. I wanted to develop a hobby that allowed me to create beauty outside of school. I had seen an image of Rob Ryan's work in a Frankie magazine and had immediately fallen in love with it.

As luck had it, I then came across a paper cutting workshop and eagerly signed up. Unfortunately the workshop was cancelled last minute. Desperate to learn this delicate style of art I studied up on the images I had seen and watched a few clips on YouTube. I had already bought myself a scalpel and a cutting mat so I thought why not just have a go myself. A few mistakes and messy practice pieces later I was in love with the art and the way it made me feel calm and focused.

I began creating paper cuts as gifts and then started posting them on Facebook and Instagram. Then I had my first exhibition at a gallery in South Fremantle and my self-identity as an artist began to grow from there.

The Art of Papercutting

Papercutting is not an art that can be hurried along. Each of my hand cut pieces are created is reverse, slowly and patiently, requiring perfectionism, poise and concentration. Working in reverse on the back of the paper allows me to draw intricate designs and not have to worry about pencil lines and smudges. Over the years I have learnt to look at an image or a draft sketch and flip it inside my head, recreating it on a larger scale. Writing backwards is a skill I have mastered and comes naturally as I include details and stories in my work.

My Current Work

I have had a number of exhibitions, solo and shared, and have collaborated with local artists on community events including Perth Fashion Week and the Beaufort Street Festival. My commissioned work has included business logos, wedding invitations, community newspapers, event posters and many gifts.

Cartography and the detail in city architecture has always stood out to me and I am inspired by travel and beautiful places.  I now have a range of laster cuts featuring botanical designs, woodland animals, streetscapes, city buildings and city maps.

Currently I am exploring printing my designs and creating a range of transit maps in black, gold and copper foil. I enjoy creating work on commission and love to collaborate with other artists and designers.