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Papercutting workshop

Paper cutting is a very fun process, but it also takes time, focus and patience.

One of the most beautiful things about this art is that it is so easy to let the external world slip away and become completely present with the tools in front of you. It is a practice in mindfulness and the slowness it requires can be addictive.

If you would like take some time to sit still and create something beautiful then join me in one of my workshops and learn the delicate art of paper cutting.

Workshops are held in my bright and airy studio at PSAS, on Pakenham Street in Fremantle.

This is an encouraging, fun and relaxed environment where you are able to work at your own pace, pop downstairs for a coffee at Studio 37 or take a walk around the block when your patience starts to dwindle.

No experience in drawing or paper cutting is necessary. Please bring along any ideas you have for inspiration. These may include images, quotes, photos etc or you can bring your laptop and access the wifi. 

*All materials are provided along with delicious refreshments.

Please see below to find out about the workshops currently running. Places are limited so please get in touch quickly if you would like to attend.


Learn Papercutting

This workshop is an introduction to paper cutting.

You will discover the tools used and learn how to create a design suitable for paper cutting. We will discuss your ideas, look at negative and positive space and have a go at drawing and writing in reverse.

Once you have practiced with the knife you will create your own papercut on a beautiful sheet of acid free, light resistant black Canson Mi-Teintse paper.

The cost is $130 per person or $100 each if you bring a friend.

Workshop Dates:

  • Please contact for dates, thank you.


This is a mini series of workshops running over a number days. In the course of this workshop you will create your own personalised life map that tells the story of your own life or the life of the people you love.

You will discover the tools used for paper cutting and learn how to intertwine the events and moments of the story you are telling in a drawing that allows for paper cutting. We will focus on simplifying and connecting your ideas on paper and balancing the negative and positive space. Working on a sheet of 40x50cm black paper you will draw and cut your map in reverse.

Paper cutting can be hard work on the hand and neck so this workshop is run as shorter sessions over a number of days.

Homework: The Life Maps Workshop requires you to do a little bit of homework before beginning. This involves gathering your thoughts and ideas about the elements you would like to include in your map. You may like to bring photos, images, quotes etc or you can bring your laptop and access the wifi. Google maps a great tool for looking up places! Aim for about 10-15 elements. For example one element may be your family, a café you visited, an activity you enjoy doing or a city you have travelled to.

The course of this workshop includes:

  • 16 hours of studio time with one on one support - value $1600
  • Morning teas from delicious locals including Wild Bakery, Ahbis Bakery and the Attic - value $40
  • Unlimited sheets of acid free, light resistant black Canson Mi-Teintse paper and practice page - value $4.90 / sheet
  • Your own paper cutting kit to take home including a self healing cutting mat, knife, pencil and eraser - value $45
  • A completed 40x50cm ‘life map’ paper cut created by you, normally commissioned at $800 plus.

Total Value = $2500.

The cost of this workshop is $640 per person or $600 each if you bring a friend.

Workshop Dates:

  • 4 x Saturday mornings from 9.30am to 1.30pm. Please contact for dates.
  • 4 x Thursday evenings from 6-9pm. Please contact for dates.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, refunds will not be issued in the event of cancellation. You are able to transfer your place to someone else if you can’t attend or you can postpone your participation to a future date. Please get in touch with me directly if you are unable to attend. 



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